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our clients

Our clients include nonprofit organizations that address the most vital issues of the day – social services, healthcare, affordable housing and education, to name a few.

We take the time to dive deep and learn about the issues that matter to our clients. Our understanding of these issues allows us to provide thoughtful, thorough and strategic communications services.

current clients include:

aarp logo ACCA_logo alliancerpositivechange
amidacare AMSNY Breakthrough_New_York_logo
housingplanning citizensunion communityaccess
flatiron_logo FTH fcny_logo
girl_scouts_logo ICL local2507
local3621 LISC livery_rndtable_logo
natyidtheater NYCMS_logo nj_community_cap_logo
peopleinc plymouthchurch project_renewal_logo
whedco_logo womens_cityclub_logo workmens_circle_logo


past clients:

amud_aish_logo asphaltgreen_logo Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.42.55 AM
fccf_logo choicesinchildbirth CHN_logo
coro_logo cup_logo cancer_research
world_doctors_logo downtown_alliance_logo help_usa_logo
ida_logo have_a_dream_logo MetCouncil_logo
mcny_logo natbuildmuseum NYCEDC
nycsmall_bus_serv_logo nhs_logo NYJTL_logo
npcny_logo osborne_assoc pss_logo
queenstheatre sssm sunnyside_community_logo






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