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The Benefits of Recycling: PR Version

Recycling isn’t just good for the environment.  It’s a good, smart strategy for your organization’s communications efforts.

In the case of public relations, recycling means repurposing content. Organizations recycle to get more exposure for an issue, program, or announcement, with little additional effort.

Let’s say you issue a press statement about a breaking news story.  Even if it doesn’t get picked up by a media outlet, it’s still good for reporters to see your name and your organization’s name. And with a few extra minutes, you can do even more. For example, you can:

  • Develop the statement into a letter to the editor.
  • Supplement the statement with a few facts and turn it into a guest column or opinion piece.
  • Post the statement on your social media platforms to engage your followers.
  • Add a personal note and share the statement with your audiences through an electronic newsletter. Make sure your Board, staff, and key donors see it so they can remain abreast of your efforts.
  • Distribute the statement to elected officials and agencies when it involves a cause that they also support.

This is exactly what we did for AARP-NY. The Mayor signed into law a bill that AARP had advocated for, and we issued a statement. Yet, no outlets wrote about the bill signing. It was time to recycle. We turned the statement into a  letter to the editor, which was picked up by multiple newspapers in Queens and the Bronx. We also crafted an  op-ed,  which was picked up by four Straus Media outlets.


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